A dramatic rocky coastline with ocean waves at sunset

Sunset on a rugged rocky coastline of the Pacific Ocean near Big Sur, California 

A waterfall falling onto a beach in a cove at sunset

McWay Fall waterfall on the rugged Big Sur coastline, California 

tropical blue water with an island with palm trees and blue sky

The blue sea leading up to an island with palm trees, and a blue sky

A lighthouse with a red light on a rugged cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset

Bass Harbor Lighthouse, at sunset, on the rugged cliffs of Acadia National Park, Maine

Dramatic coastline with cliffs and waves

The dramatic rugged coastline and waves of the Pacific Ocean, Big Sur area, California

"Haystack" rock formations in the ocean with birds at sunset

Birds flying over two "Haystack" rock formations in the Pacific Ocean at sunset, Oregon

A lighthouse on a rugged coastline

Portland Head Lighthouse on the rugged Atlantic Ocean coastline of Maine

Sunbeams and waves coming through a rocky arch in the ocean

Sunbeams and waves pouring through a rocky arch in the Pacific Ocean, Big Sur, California

The sunset behind sea stacks and rock formations in the ocean

Sunset behind Sea Stacks and rock formations in the Pacific Ocean, Northern California

Dramatic cliffs with trees over the ocean with boulders in the foreground

Rugged cliffs overlook the Atlantic Ocean, and a boulder strewn beach, Acadia National Park, Maine

A dramatic rocky coastline at dusk

A dramatic rugged and rocky coastline at dusk, Big Sur, California

A rocky arch in the surf at sunset

A rocky arch and rugged cliffs  meet the Pacific Ocean at sunset, Big Sur, California 

Haystack rock formations in the ocean lead to beautiful mountains

Cannon Beach with "haystack" rock formations on the Pacific Ocean coastline, Oregon

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