Scuba diving, travel and photography have long been a part of my life.  I have been very fortunate to be able to combine them all in my work.
My love of scuba diving grew out of a childhood love of the ocean. Some of my earliest memories are of trips to the beach, and how much I enjoyed going there. From the immediacy of the pounding surf and the sea life in front of me, to the far off horizon and the mysteries beyond it, it was a realm of excitement and adventure. The first time I used a mask and snorkel, I discovered even more wonders in a world of bright colors, exotic animals, constant movement and the sensuality of being immersed in an endless body of water. Learning to scuba dive multiplied the experience many times over. The sense of freedom I get from being weightless and being able to move freely in any direction is fantastic. It's about as close as I'll ever get to experiencing the ability to fly. Scuba diving allowed me to go deeper for a longer time. It allowed a more intimate interaction with the underwater world and its inhabitants. 
My passion for photography has been strong for many years. I relate to the world in a very visual way. I enjoy expressing my feelings with photography and showing others what I see. It is a way of sharing and communicating. It was a natural evolution to combine my scuba diving, travel, and photography. 
Each activity has enhanced the other. Together, they have increased my awareness of environmental concerns. The ocean is an environment that we are affecting as profoundly as that above the water. Just about every pollutant we create on land will eventually find its way into our oceans. Much damage has already been done. It is my hope that my photography will help more people to appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of the world, and that will in turn help us all to become more aware of what we need to do to protect and preserve it. 
It is my hope that my photographs are able to convey to others a sense of the thrill and delight that I felt when I created them.  If they are able to arouse your sense of wonder and joy in nature, then that would make me very happy…  Enjoy!
Jeff Hunter
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